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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

This story is really sad and pretty clearly another case of police dishonesty and corruption in the killing of another African American. But, like always, there is a lot of misinformation being spread and claimed (or taken) as fact. Hunt was not cosplaying when he was shot. His mother said (and evidence shows) he was at an Asian fast food restaurant:

Moss said: “He was listening to his music, and maybe swinging his sword around to it at times. You don’t deserve to be killed for that. … A lot of people who went to Comic Con last week probably looked a little different, too, in their costumes. Do we want them gunned down when they are just trying to have a fun day?”

She said Hunt’s mother had been urging him to find a job, and they think he may have been headed to apply at a Panda Express restaurant near where he was shot.

"He may have worn it [the sword] thinking it was cool and would help. It’s just the sort of thing he would do," adding he acted young for his age. She also said he was "timid" after he suffered for years from an abusive father who no longer lives with the family.

The Daily Dot is more an opinion website than one of reputable news journalism. It’s kind of irritating that they’re still using pictures of anime characters next to the boy’s picture despite updating their article to say that he wasn’t in cosplay, which was a pretty known fact three days before this article was published. If anything, it’s important for the public to know that Hunt wasn’t cosplaying because then it robs the police of yet another excuse for why they felt the need to use deadly force against him.

The continued use of the word “toy” is also misleading and misinformation:

Moss said the 3-foot sword strapped to Hunt’s back was a decorator piece that is more of a toy, but it “does look like a sword from a distance.” She said the blade is rounded and would not cut much.

None of these corrections changes what the police did, nor does it change the fact that another black child is dead while their killer keeps silent or lies. Nor does it imply Hut deserved to be shot. He was a victim, plain and simple. But media and journalism still need to report fact and stop sensationalizing stories for the sake of outrage. It detracts from the truth and the real issues.

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